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pole vault extravaganza at Tipp City

Posted Sunday, January 16, 2011 by Mike Hout

You gotta hand it to Tipp High School.  They are on the cutting edge of vaulting in the area with their first vault extravaganza on January 15th.  The school covered their basketball court with tarps.  They brought in the entire vault pit and standards.  Then they laid out 95 feet of wooden boxes and covered it with a rubber runway.  17 girls and 18 boys from over 15 different schools came and vaulted all day on this set up that included rock music in the background.  The reviews were positive and the Miamisburg participants came away with some good early season results.

Kennedy Peters started the day off well by not finishing last.  Well, at least that is what she said her goal was.  She not only didn't finish last but she beat most of the field.  Only 3 female vaulters were vaulting when she went out!  She cleared 7-0 and had two very near clearances of 7-6. 

Zak Kruer was up next for the Vikings.  The opening height was 9-0 but he passed to 11-0.  He made several skying clearances along the way before he ended up clearning 12-6.  He was over 13-0 with lots of space but had been sick during the week and didn't quite have the drive to get in the pit like he is used to......so consequently he hit the bar on the way down.  Like Kennedy, there were only 3 vaulters who were vaulting when he went out.

It was a good day to shake off some of the rust for the Viking vaulters.  Now it is time to start building on this start.

Complete results can be found at:

And here is our Miamisburg milesplit page with a webpage for each athlete:

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