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Buckeye Indoor Track meet #1

Posted Saturday, January 22, 2011 by Mike Hout
We didn't have a large number of Miamisburg athletes at the first indoor meet over in Columbus but we had some people ready to compete and try to get rolling for the new season.  The boys 4x800 team finished fifth overall (out of 16 teams) but our first three legs looked like they were just getting their feet wet.  It was different when our anchor Donnie Whyte took the baton and smoothly churned out four solid laps of running with a 2:04 split.  We know lots of time will drop for Josh Myers (2:21), Corey Dillon (2:21) and Jonathan Steingass (2:20) the next time they get on the track.  If Donnie drops much more time, watch out!

Daniel Henson was a good junior high hurdler and has been putting lots of time in over the barriers this winter.  Still, it is a hard transition from those junior high hurdles to the high school highs (which are six inches higher).  He impressed by three stepping the whole way in the prelims and making it to the consolation finals.  There he three stepped the whole way again and pulled out a 16th place.

Jonathan Steingass doubled back in the 1600 with a solid 5:05 time (73,78, 79, 75).  He immediately began thinking about how he could run his next race under 5:00!

Lydia Berry responded to regular challenges from the runners around her and finished in 2:51 (35, 44, 47, 45).  Ayanna Pringle ran a 1:07.80 400 race and looked smooth.  A little later she ran her 200 under 30 so we can't figure out why the final stats have her at a much slower time.

Donnie Whyte put his training to good use when he came back to run his second 800 of the day.  There was some concern about how he would perform after such a quick relay leg but he stunned everyone with a fast third lap and finished first overall in just a tick over 2:05 (31, 31, 30, 33).  How exciting to leave the meet with an overall winner (there were 40 runners in his race).  Other 800 doublers were Corey Dillon and Josh Myers in just over 2:20.

A highlight of the meet was watching two people go for the all-time Ohio State high school record in the pole vault at 17-0!

A lowlight of the meet for coach/pastor was getting kicked out of three places trying to watch the activities.  One time a worker even made the smart comment "where do you think you are going young man", as if I had white hair when I was in my teens and twenties.  Just to add icing on the cake, near the end of the meet I was told to take one step back from the track while eating my nachos (I was already 10 feet away!).

Here are the full results from the meet:

Here is our own stat site with a webpage for each athlete:

At a recent swim meet a number of tracksters were sighted.  Stephanie Mee was swimming personal bests in the freestyle.  Quentin Mullen was everywhere in the pool.  John Fontaine and Raheem Uqdah were pushing each other in the sprints.  Who else did I miss? 

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