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Cole Cooper impresses and other great vomiting moments

Posted Wednesday, April 27, 2011 by Mike Hout
Many were impressed with Cole Cooper's nice 4x400 leg at Fairborn.  Many others were even more impressed with his great vomiting moment after the meet.  This writer hates to downgrade his effort, but there have been better.  Actually, one of the great technicolor yawns was put down at this very sight by the great Jacob Willey.  Exactly one year ago, after a 400 leg on a relay, he went to the infield and cut loose.  When he was done he looked up and said "Chipotle".

Other great moments this year included "Meerkat" (Zach Marcott) at Stebbins when he did more than water the goalpost.....Zak Kruer, after missing a number of days during conditioning, cutting loose upstairs at the indoor track.....and, of course, Dishon Meriwether on several occasions indoor and out.

Who have I missed?  Certainly there are some good stories from Jonathan Steingass.  As a member of the distance squad once told me "Jon sure does vomit a lot."

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