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state, lightning and a flat tire

Posted Sunday, June 05, 2011 by Mike Hout
We couldn't end the 2011 season without some kind of weather realted incident at a track meet.  At the state meet while the pole vaulters warmed up there was a 30 minute delay because of lightning.  No one there seemed to ever see the lightning, but everyone was forced out of the stadium nonetheless.  When the gates to the track were reopened they moved things along as quickly as possible so the event could be finished.  Sadly enough, our vaulter contributed to the quick finish of the event as he went out at opening height.  It wasn't like he didn't try!  But the fact is he was flying down the runway and continually overpowered the heaviest pole we had.  It was not the kindest way to finish a great season but, as everyone keeps telling me, he is just a sophomore and has a great future in front of him.

The good news is we learned a lot from the event.  Next time we will have a heavier pole with us, just like the champion from Gahanna Lincoln.  He did not look very good at 16 foot on his first try and was overpowering his 16 foot 190 pound pole.  He moved to a 16 foot 195 and skied over that height and eventually broke the state meet record by clearning 17 feet.

To complete a perfectly bad birthday, I went back to my car and drove away only to find that after a few blocks I had a flat tire.  We spent several hours trying to get it fixed (one of the lugnuts was on too tight) but eventually made it home to try to forget this day and prepare for a better birthday in 2012.

See all the state meet results at:

Special congrats to Carly Hamilton from Springboro who closed out an amazing career by winning the Division I 1600 meters in a great time of 4:48.  Congrats also to the Altar 4x800 girls team who averaged 2:17.5 to win the state and set a new record.

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