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the greatest track and field athlete in Burg history?

Posted Wednesday, November 16, 2011 by Mike Hout
This is the question posed with the poll on this website.  There are many reasons to consider a number of people.  This will give us something to think and talk about until track season starts......

Michael Willey - scored the most points of any Miamisburg athlete in the state meet
Megan Wright - scored more points in high school than any athlete in Burg history
Greg Roeth - set 3200 record and along with Michael Willey led Burg to 3rd in the state
Lydia Everhard - broke all the sprint records at Miamisburg and went to the state meet
Dave Bruton - set several Burg records and continues to show greatness as a Denver Bronco
Jill Dombrauckus - great jumper/runner, held the 400 record until broken by Ayanna Pringle
Larry Jessee - his pole vault record still stands along with record at Univ. of Texas at El Paso
Tracy Williams - great runner with lots of records before playing basketball at Northwestern
Ken Van Buren - still holds the shot record from 1959, which is the longest held MHS record
Brittany Sherritt - broke the discus record and kept breaking it while going to the state meet
Doug Hortman - holds the discus record, was recruited to go to Ohio State by Woody Hayes
Liz Coleman - all around runner who holds the 300 hurdle record and set a scoring record
Charles Marquardt - Miamisburg's first state placer in t&f when he was second in the mile

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