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The truth behind why Fairborn attacked our basketball team

Posted Monday, February 06, 2012 by Mike Hout
They were mad at all the vomiting and more that the track and cross-country team has done on their home fields.

That's right.  Fairborn people feel like they have been taking it for too long and had to lash back at Miamisburg in some way.  Jake Willey vomited on the center of their 50 yard line during a track meet a couple years ago.  All he said after that was "Chipotle with a birthday cake on top".  Last year Cole Cooper cut loose with a series of vomits, also on the 50 yard line but just on the other side of the track.  Fairborn people were watching closely.  After all, they have watched Jonathan Steingass vomit on a number of occasions on their cross-country course.  They have watched Quentin Mullen vomit several more times on their xc territory.  And to top everything off, a certain freshman decided to take a giant crapper in their woods before a cross country meet.

Fairborn had had it!  They were sick and tired of Miamisburg runners disrespecting their territory.  They decided to fight back.

And now you know.......the rest of the story!

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