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first day of indoor conditioning goes well with a large group present

Posted Monday, January 07, 2013 by Mike Hout
Our 2013 boys and girls track teams are off to a great start based upon the large group at the first day of conditioning.  We counted over fifty people present plus lots of visitors and even several alumni back from college to cheer on the new teams.

It was good to get out and stretch after the holidays.  How wonderful to have the indoor facility to train on in this cold weather.  The temperature is predicted to get warmer this weekend so we might be able to get outside some with the 50 degree weather!

The one sad bit of news was that someone already has had to find a trash can to vomit in.  Zak Kruer tossed some cookies before the end of practice with a gastric geyser.  He sheepishly looked at the coaches and said "spicy chicken from lunch".

One bit of good news was that Ayanna Pringle is sporting a new hairdo and she looks a lot like great U.S. sprinters from the past like Evelyn Ashford and Valerie Brisco Hooks.  We know she is ready to run like them, too!

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