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Northmont Invitational

Posted Monday, April 08, 2013 by Mike Hout
Wasn't it supposed to be warm on Saturday?  And wasn't it supposed to be dry?  That is all I heard on the radio and the TV in the hours before the Northmont Invitational.  But guess what?  It was cold and it rained!  Thankfully, it wasn't super cold (at least when the wind didn't blow) and it did warm up as the day went on.  Thankfully, also, the rain wasn't too heavy but it sure did aggravate us when we were all looking forward to a wonderful day.

The Miamiburg girls and boys team showed some good stuff at their first meet, despite the fact that it was at the end of spring break and we did not have the entire team there.  Even with a partial team, the girls squad brought home a trophy and the boys team was very close to also bringing home some hardware.  Special congratulations to Brooklyn Mikesell who started off the season in style with two fine races in the hurdles.  She is way ahead of last year.  And speaking about being ahead of last year, how about that Marlena Clark?  She had three throws in the shot that were three feet farther than what she did all of last year!  She also had a pr in the discus. 

We scored solidly in most everything we entered and we were just about ready to go home feeling OK about our start when the boys 4x400 started.  We had no idea that in a few minutes we would be feeling exceptionally fantastic about ourselves.  What a stunning anchor leg by Greg Hubbard in his first 400 since seventh grade (he hasn't run track in four years)!  He not only caught up with the top runners but he attempted to pass them several times on the inside.  When it looked like he was about out of gas he poured in on one more time and finally went to the outside to pull out an amazing win for the Vikings.  We yelled like crazy and loaded the bus with giant grins on our faces.  This is going to be a fun year!!!

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